Whether you are going through the program solo (totally okay!), or doing it with a group, we recommend going through the talks using the following format:

  • Meditate (solo or with a group): 15 minutes
  • Check-in (alone or with a group) : 1-2 minutes per person
  • Listen to the talk: 20-30 minutes
  • Open up discussion (with group): 15 minutes

For the meditation section:

  • People may come to the training with their own meditation practice, and they are welcome to do that during this time. If someone is new to meditation, the talk offering instruction should be played first/repeated as needed so they learn a basic mindfulness practice.



For the check-in section:

  • One person can facilitate, asking each person present to do one to two minutes on the topics “How are you feeling as you enter this class?” and “What is one instance in which you were able to apply last week’s talk to your everyday life?”

During the closing discussion:

  • It’s important to emphasize how the particular topic is relevant to your everyday life. These are not theoretical ideas being presented, but tools for more compassionate living. 

For classes that have homework:

It's helpful for everyone to have a peer accountability buddy, someone they text or email everyday to ask how the homework is going and confirm/encourage that they maintain a daily meditation practice.

In any group there is attrition... So if you lose one or two friends to the busy-ness of everyday life, do not despair. If you have a steady group going through these teachings we would love to hear about it and our founder, Lodro Rinzler, is always happy to hop on a call with you halfway through the curriculum to answer any questions you may have, free of charge.